EU-Latin America Cooperation on Civil Aviation

Cooperación entre La Unión Europea y América Latina en Materia de Aviación Civil

Aerodromes Regulations Webinar

WebEx - 14 to 25 September 2020

The second Aerodrome Workshop for Experts from Latin America took place from 14 to 25 September 2020. The online workshop focused on the certification of aerodromes, and the overall certification process, from preparation to execution and follow-up, this with special attention to the intermediate execution phase.

Regarding the first stage the relevant European regulations and requirements were explained, pointing out the responsibilities of NAAs and the importance of planning the certification process and of training for ADR inspectors. The second stage and main focus of the workshop dealt with the regulatory requirements regarding infrastructure and aerodrome operations, the management of non-compliances and the implementation of a safety management system.

The last part saw the steps to take into account after completion of the certification, i.e. follow-up of corrective action plans, continuous monitoring and change management.

Throughout the workshop the Instructors shared several examples and focused on EU best practices.