EU-Latin America Cooperation on Civil Aviation

Cooperación entre La Unión Europea y América Latina en Materia de Aviación Civil

SAFA (Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft) Initial Training

Colombia - 12 - 14 November 2019

Between November 12th and 14th 2019, a Ramp Inspection Initial Training was hosted by the Aeronautica Civil de Colombia within its training facilities next to the main building at Centro de Estudios Aeronáuticos.

The course syllabus complied with EASA requirements and delivered as Initial Ramp Inspection Training. The content was developed by SENASA as a Ramp Inspection Training Organization (RITO) approved by the Spanish Civil Aviation Agency in accordance with Regulation (EU) 965/2012 Part ARO.RAMP.120.

The theoretical part of the training was delivered on the first 3 days of the course at Centro de Estudios Aeronáuticos facilities in Bogota. The last day the practical part took place at EasyFly Hangar next to Eldorado Airport performing a simulated inspection to an airplane provided by EasyFly.