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Remote and Digital Tower Experience Exchange Visit to Europe

Cologne and Leipzig, Germany - 24 - 25 October 2023


The visit aims at providing an overview of remote aerodrome ATS in Europe and the related regulatory framework. During the visit it will be explained why EASA has chosen to regulate the area of remote aerodrome ATS with mainly guidance material, and how the ATM/ANS framework relates to remote aerodrome ATS (for example in the area of change management). The presentation will also cover the basics of the EU functional regulation and how this is implemented.


In March 2023, EASA issued ED Decision 2023/005/R which amended the existing Guidance Material on Remote Aerodrome Air Traffic Services (ATS) to version 3. This update includes information on research outcomes, experience from implementation and operation of remote aerodrome ATS and considers a variety of relevant aspects related to designing, implementing and operating remote aerodrome ATS.

The guidance material provides support in the implementation and operation of remote aerodrome ATS, to aid the relevant stakeholders on how to meet the regulatory requirements, as well as benefit from experience of the transition to remote aerodrome ATS that has already taken place in Europe.

The guidance material also connects to the larger ATM/ANS regulatory framework, in fields such as change management and training and competence (for both air traffic controllers and air traffic safety electronics personnel).

Visit documents:

Draft Agenda


-EASA Regulatory Framework

-EASA Change Management

-CAA Norway Remote TWR Change Management

-DFS Remote Tower Center Leipzig