EU-Latin America Cooperation on Civil Aviation

Cooperación entre La Unión Europea y América Latina en Materia de Aviación Civil

Seminar on ATM/ANS Certification

Lima, Peru - 17 - 18 Octobre 2018

The focus of the workshop was on EASA ATM/ANS regulations, in particular the new EU Regulation 2017/373 laying down common requirements for providers of air traffic management/air navigation services and other air traffic management network functions and their oversight. 

The Workshop content described the changes that the new regulation will entail with respect to the current one, focusing on the challenges, difficulties and expected benefits, while describing the process to be followed to adopt and implement the new regulation at both the administrative and technical levels.

The first part of the workshop consisted on an introduction to Regulation (EU) 2017/373, differentiating between the requirements that apply to authorities and those that apply to air navigation service and function providers. The main differences from the current regulation were also described.

This first part also included practical examples on how NAAs have approached this new Regulation 2017/373 and its implementation in practice, in order to support the participants’ understanding how to update, supplement and improve the regulations, which are currently the basis for certifying and monitoring an ANSP.

The second part of the workshop focused on the implementation plan developed by NAAs for the transition to the new regulation, including at least 5 large blocks: National regulation, Authority requirements, State level decisions, ANSPs transition and new services / functions. This second part focused on the coordination that NAAs need to carry out with the certified ANSPs, in order to ensure a harmonised and coordinated transition to the new regulations.

The Workshop was attended by subject matter experts from Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and ACSA (Central America).