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Cooperación entre La Unión Europea y América Latina en Materia de Aviación Civil

Online Conference on Evidence Based Training programme for pilots (EBT)

17 June 2021 (15:00-20:15 @CET / 08:00-13:15 @Lima) - Online

EASA and AESA Spain organised an Online Conference on Evidence Based Training Programme for Pilots (Evidence Based Training, EBT) on Thursday, June 17 at 0800h (Lima Time) / 1500h (CET) with the aim of informing the commercial air transport organisations on the main aspects of this Training Type.

During the conference, the regulatory framework for EBT operations (Reg. 2020/2036) was explained, as well as the EBT Programme Approval Process and the Advantages of EBT programmes for airlines.

In addition, Iberia, the first European operator to obtain this approval, explained how the process of Evidence-Based Training programme has been implemented, how it enhances training against verification and adapts it to the operation and needs of each crew member.