EU-Latin America Cooperation on Civil Aviation

Cooperación entre La Unión Europea y América Latina en Materia de Aviación Civil

Dialogue on Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

Lima, Peru - 14 December 2023

Latin American Civil Aviation Commission’s (LACAC) 50th Anniversary celebration brought together high-level aviation actors from the entire world to celebrate together LACAC’s achievements spanning half a century.

On the auspices of this celebration, a Dialogue on Urban Air Mobility (UAM) was organised on 14 December 2023 in Lima, Peru. This activity was organised by EASA within the framework of the EU LAC APP 2 project, and conducted by EASA’s UAM experts, Ms Maria Algar Ruiz and Mr Sascha Schott. 

It was organised in the form of a structured and open debate between industry and regulators from Europe and LACAC region, regional oversight organisations and ICAO to discuss the challenges and opportunities this new sector brings, and how we can work together to enable it in a safe and efficient manner while addressing societal expectations and concerns. The sessions were structured as follows:

  • Flash talks on entry into service – How States are preparing for the implementation of Innovative Air Mobility/Advanced Air Mobility
  • Fireside chat on Industry readiness for UAM/IAM/AAM
  • Airspace integration aspects of UAM/IAM/AAM traffic
  • Regulator’s capability and capacity building towards risk-based oversight of UAM/IAM/AAM

Multiple relevant EU and LAC institutional and industry representatives took part in the discussions, which showed the degree of progress made in Europe in this area.

The presentations used during the panel dialogue will shortly be available for download below.