EU-Latin America Cooperation on Civil Aviation

Cooperación entre La Unión Europea y América Latina en Materia de Aviación Civil

AGA Aerodromes Workshop

Lima, Perú - 10 - 13 Dec 2019

On 10-13 December 2019 in Peru Lima a workshop on Certification of Aerodromes has been delivered by EASA under the EU-LAC APP for the members of the SRVSOP. The participants were nationals from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela. The presence of AESA and EASA experts was highly appreciated by the participants.

The regulatory framework of EASA and the practical cases presented and discussed during the four days of the workshop was very useful for the participants that currently are deeply involved in the process of certification of aerodromes in their respective countries.

The objective of this workshop was to share and promote European standards and technologies, as well as to transfer knowledge on Certification of aerodromes. The focus was on the European experience as a reference for implementation. The outcome was very positive and as well as the feedback of participants.